TOS 7 release date and cruel future

I already use cake and have my own mangle rules for DSCP tagging so not having qosify is not a big loss.

Right now I just wish I knew why ToS7 broke tcpdump, which is making debugging traffic problems difficult.

If I were you I would make a snapshot backup, flash fresh hbs (or update-factory option of schnapps) then directly upgrade to hbl and see if you can reproduce it on stock configuration. And if so then report it on gitlab or to tech support.

Edit 2: If its really a bug then it will not bring us TOS7.0 sooner :yum:

September is gone, October is coming.

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And Christmas days are close the door :grinning:


Michal provided an outlook regarding TOS 7 and 8 in his recent presentation.


Great presentation, and good to see a new pimped omnia is in the pipeline, for those users who are not in need for the enterprise beast :slight_smile:

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I dont’t think so. Quick releasing of TOS 7 after the TOS 6 experience was promised one year ago. And now, TOS 8 will be released soon after TOS 7 based on barely supported OpenWrt 22.03. Not to mention the support of the still sold MOX.


Its almost Christmas one year later and still no TOS 7.0…


OpenWrt 22.03, base for TOS 7, will be EOL in April 2024.


Hi @viktor I was hoping you would hit with some post😆

Dead or dear @turris-admins please do release TOS 7.0.

I see on the GitLab that you are working on some mwan3 configuration…
Totally not urgent. Developing some super brand new features for TURRIS but TurrisOS is a fork of OpenWRT do not forget that. Release 7 there will be problems. Lets fix them together. And after some basic functions stability SNAP release TOS 8.0 to be at least just a bit behind OpenWRT.

Backporting every security fix is not possible sometimes and it would be waay easier with newer packages and dependencies. I was waiting patient for long time.

But c’mon its already waay too late. People should be on TOS 8.0 by the end of the may next year. Its reasonable time. Please do makebsome deadlines for yourself. Release the TOS7.0!


I like the teamwork spirit! Personally I am happy to install it on my MOX and provide feedback, especially with initial release.

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Maybe turris team could release it a bit earlier for some users that volontiered.

The same as was with 3.x migration to 4.x in batches based on turris serial number. Could be done. And like that you have testers because I believe that you are not doing alot in your labs but who knows maybe I am wrong

Mmmh, I thought TOS is already in HBD? I am tempted to switch to HBD in the christmas break, would be delighted if the official switch would happen before :wink:

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HBL actually

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Great, less danger than HBD. Still, I will not tackle this until I can take a few days off in a row to be able to diagnose and (hopefully) fix all issues. Again, I would love being out-run by team turris with an official release :wink:

Christmas break with DSA break. Be sure to let us know then.