[TOS 6.4.1] Summary on how to run unprivileged LXC containers (04/08/2023)

@ssdnvv @AreYouLoco (can not mention lorenz, only two users)

I tried it today on my Turris. Unfortunately I also get the same errors - I’m using an internal SSD.
IIUC this also won’t fix this problem? lxc: Add metadata for unprivileged containers (!54) · Merge requests · Turris / misc · GitLab

Update: just tried maurer’s repo (posted here a few hours go: Omnia armhf LXC (armv7 32bit) alternative repo discussion - #31 by maurer ) and successfully created an unprivileged debian bookworm container!

lxc-create --name test \
             --bdev btrfs \
             --template download \
             -- \
             --dist debian \
             --release bookworm \
             --arch armv7l \
             --server maurerr.github.io/lxc