TOS 4 testing in lxc container?

I would not mind giving TOS4 a go in a lxc container and thus wondering whether it is possible and if so how? Or would it not work due to the host’s kernel?

If something like this would be possible I think many users including me would have similar container of RC branch (not only TOS4) so I’m waiting for responses

Switching between branches in the guest/container works, albeit throwing error about schnapps which is not tweaked for working on the guest, if that would even be feasible.

Anyway, switched through the various branches and left it for the moment on nightly.

Question is about usefulness for testing purposes of any kernel module or app compiled against a specific kernel and since the guest’s kernel is shared from the host.

Which probably answers my own question from the initial post.

Running a TOS RC branch in a privileged lxc container it is apparent/logical that:

  • any issues | features | apps related to network(ing) and routing cannot be tested in the container as such being controlled by the host (wan and wlan are absent in the container), e.g. firewall | mwan | pakon | sentinel (minipot can still be deployed) | foris
  • any issues | features | apps related to kernel patches and modules cannot be tested in the container, e.g. network device drivers
  • it might be still a good test bed for any userland app that is independent of the aforementioned