TOS 3.10 installation error from flash omnia-medkit-latest.tar.gz

Turris Omnia

By chance setting a up a router just now from scratch with flashing

installationsteps 5 out of 10 working ok, then 6/10 (use automatic updates) produces this error

  1. despite the previous connectivity test checked ok

Firmware update has failed due to a connection or installation error. You should check your cable connection before proceeding to the next step. But do not worry much about the update as the router will run the updater regularly.

then clicking next
2. (leading to /foris/wizard/main/step/7)

An unexpected error has occurred
We are sorry, but your request raised an unexpected error. More information about this error may be found below.
RPCError('Failed to wipe updater: Error during exec: No such file or directory',)

Turning off automatic updates is proceeding with the installation to step 8/10 and thus omitting step 7/10 apparently

Not a good start after more than 2 months TOS 3.10 been a RC for testing :frowning_face:

thanks! We fixed it and it will be released in Turris OS 3.10.1.
It’s not necessary to turn off automatic update, just proceed to another step or restart router and it will work.

how do you reckon to proceed from the error page (An unexpected error has occurred - /foris/wizard/main/step/7)? There is no next button. Only way to proceed with the installation is the browser back button and then turning off automatic updates.

I know there is no button, but you can go to the next step using this link: