TO and err turris-firewall-rules

The system log of my TO with 3.8.1 firmware is full following errors:

2017-09-23T05:01:20+02:00 err nikola: (v42) socket: [Errno 104] Connection reset by peer
2017-09-23T03:01:25+02:00 err turris-firewall-rules: (v63) Failed to download

It’s obvious that the TO firewall rules are not updated. Has anybody idea what is wrong?

Can I ask how did you activate dynamic firewall from turris www? I have in firewall config at Omnia:

#config include
#       option path '/usr/share/firewall/turris'
#       option reload '1'

neverthless, the path is not working since buy, so I commented it.

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I haven’t activated anything. I use default TO configuration.

Ah, thanks, thats strange. Me too. Maybe it will be related to the gathering data function, which I have off. Still strange…

As this is international part of the forum: would you please translate your answers to English?