TO 3.8.2 - DNSSEC problems

TO 3.8.2 still has problems with DNSSEC with DNS forwarding enablet e.g. TO can’t resolve of Mozila download servers…

If I remember your situation, it would probably be remedied by knot-resolver >= 1.4.0, but that update didn’t make it into 3.8.2, apparently.

updated knot-resolver 1.4.0 should be in release 3.8.4. We have decided to separate it from dnsmasq security update which will be in 3.8.3

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Although I updated to 3.8.4 I still face the issue with *
Can someone confirm that 3.8.4 or rather know-resolver >= 1.4.0 solved the issue?


Upcoming 3.8.5 should solve it, because all changes, which were planned for 3.8.4 was postponed due to KRACK vulnerability.

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Thank you Pepe for the swift reply!

You may e.g. disable forwarding for now.