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You could use latest medkit (it shouldn’t require update during wizard as it’s the latest version).

But I would be interested in to the reason why is this happening to you. Could you please elaborate more on what is your exact process to reproduce your problem? Are you restarting router by hand during updater process? Can you continue to another step (like local network setup)? Are you changing any setup there? What does crash means? Router can restart during update process to apply changes before full system startup in such case router goes to just white lights and until that is done the router’s web interface isn’t accessible as it isn’t running. Is it possible that you are just impatient?

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I typically hold down the reset button until the third light comes on then let go. I go through the normal setup procedures. Once Step 6 (I believe this is the ‘Check for Updates’ step) starts it gets to the place mentioned above and just stalls. Eventually it gives me the “Firmware update has failed due to a connection or installation error. You should check your cable connection before proceeding to the next step. But do not worry much about the update as the router will run the updater regularly.” error. After that though the router is unusable. I have to go through and reset it again. I can’t SSH into it or anything until it’s reset. I have left it at this point for roughly an hour before and it still doesn’t work.[quote=“cynerd, post:2, topic:4732”]
Are you restarting router by hand during updater process?

I do not do anything out of the ordinary while it is updating or just during setup in general. I go through the steps and let it do its thing.

As stated above after I receive the error I mentioned I am not able to do anything with it until I reset it again.[quote=“cynerd, post:2, topic:4732”]
Are you changing any setup there?

I have not done anything out of the ordinary with this router. I haven’t modified it or anything. Just typical set up and that’s it.[quote=“cynerd, post:2, topic:4732”]
What does crash means?

When I say “crash” I am referring to the “Firmware update has failed” error.

I let the router go until it throws the above error. I do not interrupt it at all. It has not always been like this. When I first got it, it was fine (other then bugs with the WiFi which got fixed through updates). This has been happening for several months now though so I have been using my old router.

I would suggest you to use four leds re-flash (see: en:howto:omnia_factory_reset [Turris wiki]). That should bring you factory version up to date.

Could you try to debug network in that state? Without rebooting router? Test that you get ip address from dhcp. That you can ping gateway. What ports are opened on router? Just to rule out that it’s not problem between router and pc as router is restarting network services multiple times during update and you pc might not be handling that well.

After that reset can you connect to router? Can you connect to router before that reset?

Simplest debug in this case are leds. Do they blink? Do they go trough boot process again (all lighted up)?

It really depends on your skills. Are you able to debug it? Or you can go trough the easy way and just flash the newest version of firmware so you won’t have to go trough update.