[Tip] Turris 3.3: Unchecked Service "NAS" removes (m)SATA at all

Problem: After upgrading zu Turris 3.3 all mount points to (m)SATA drives are gone – in my case the drives connected via miniPCIe SATA controller from the NAS perk. I found no way to bring them back.

Solution: Installing the “NAS Services” from Updater brings back the (m)SATA mount points. It also installs Samba (which i don’t need).

Is this behavior intended from the Turris devs – or exists a better solution?

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I will risk a guess and say that you unchecked the NAS service previously. But before the update, due to a mistake, the „core“ contained a copy of the NAS service list of packages, so the removal didn’t do anything at that time, it happened when finally fixing the mistake by the update. So in that sense it is expected.

However, to your question about a better solution. If you just want some of the packages from the list and not others, you can install them on piecewise basis, one by one and remove the NAS list. Having a pre-packed list for common uses is more comfortable, but sometimes brings in more stuff than you necessarily need. You could also install the list of packages, but blacklist some of them, for example by placing:

Uninstall “samba” { priority = 60 }

into /etc/updater/user.lua. This way the Uninstall command would win over the Install one from the list due to the higher priority (default, if not specified, is 50). As this is a new feature in the updater you just got, please report anything breaking or not working as it should.


I think base list should include all kernel packages/modules for the native hardware.

For example, mSATA:

  • include: kmod-ata-mvebu-ahci
  • exclude: block-mount

Same for crypto chip, etc.

And other lists, for example nas:

  • include: block-mount
  • exclude: kmod-ata-mvebu-ahci

Thank you for your explanation. You’re right, unchecked the NAS service right after setup, because I thought it’s only related to Samba.

I tried to add Uninstall "samba" { priority = 60 } into /etc/updater/user.lua – but after a reboot the Turris administration site and LUCI crashed. (ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE). I’m not sure if it’s related to the Uninstall command, but after removing it and rebooting, LUCI and Turris admin site are working fine again.