Tinyproxy AllowedConnect = 0 doesn't work

Branch: HTK
Turris version: 5.2.0
Tinyproxy version: 1.10.0
Other info: Shortly after factory reset

In Tinyproxy:

  • set ConnectPort = 80, 443, works.
  • set ConnectPort = 0, should work, doesn’t work (should allow ALL ports to connect).

Tinyproxy log shows CONNECT rejected.

Can anyone else confirm? Bug? Dumb user?

Answer was: dumb user.

Though the help text on the screen LuCI->Services->Tinyproxy->Filtering and ACLs, section “Allowed connect ports” which says “List of allowed ports for the CONNECT method. A single value “0” allows all ports” is misleading.

A empty (undefined) value allows all ports. An single value “0” actually disables the CONNECT method making clients unable to connect to the proxy.