Ticket Gitlab addition

I have added a supplement.
On the page https://gitlab.labs.nic.cz/turris/openwrt/issues/185
missing the item "Foris - Pakon tab - Pale Moon, Firefox: Failed to load data"
Gitlab needs its own / independent registration, right? Project Turris registration does not work.

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can you tell me, which OS do you use or more details about your browsers as exact version and so on? So I’d be able to reproduce it, because I tried Firefox, Chrome on Ubuntu and Windows and both works. I can try Pale Moon, too. Pakon in CLI works? Did you access Foris via http or https?

I’m not familiar that registration to project.turris.cz doesn’t work. What happens if you enter your email address in tab Data collection in Foris?

Gitlab needs own registration. :slight_smile:

GitHub account should be enough, EDIT: apparently twitter account also.

Hi @Pepe

Following specifications:

Windows 10 64-bit (Version 1803 Build 17134.48)
Pale Moon 64-bit (Version 27.9.2) missing icons, no function, rotating animation
Chromium 64-bit (Version 68.0.3435.0) missing icons but full function.
Vivaldi (latest snapshot 1.16.1183.3) missing icons but full function.
The icons look like a font is missing … (guess).
It seems Chromium based works fundamentally, but Pale Moon does not.
Problem with the icons have all browsers.

I was wrong, just use Pale Moon as fork. This fork is based on previous code. That’s why I mentioned Firefox.
Everything works in the command line, use both browsers over SSL (https: //)

That was wrong formulated by me … I had tried to use the registration of project.turris.cz at Gitlab. I thought it might work.

I hope that was enough information to limit the error.
So I will log in to Gitlab with the Github account.

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Hello! :slight_smile:

About missing icons, we know about it and working on a fix.
ll look at Pale Moon and pass it to developer to take it a look, what could be wrong.

//EDIT: Reproduced the issue with Pale Moon.