The user.lua file

I ask for confirmation. I installed wpad-openssl and uninstalled wpad on Turris OS 5.0-dev in order to use WPA3. Everything works properly. But since wpad is part of the base packages, I have been advised by opkg that it will be reinstalled on the next update. Turning a bit on the web I found this guide
So I created a file in /etc/updater/conf.d named user.lua and I inserted as the only string Uninstall ("wpad"), without selecting any priority.
That’s right? It’s enough? Thank you.

Default priority is 50 so this should work. Just try to run pkgupdate and see what changes it suggests.

I think that you have to add Install("wpad-openssl") as it wasn’t added to /etc/updater/conf.d/opkg-auto.lua as I suspect.

In auto.lua is added. All works fine. Thanks.

just last point to add. Documentation is little bit old but in general that file can be names anyway you wish. It just has to have .lua extension, be in /etc/updater/conf.d and contain valid Lua code.

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