The SoC's crypto engine and accelerator is good

Look at the functional specs in the link on this page:

The interesting thing is that it features SHA acceleration and that it can both authenticate and decrypt/encrypt simultaneously. SHA acceleration is only available in Skylake on x86.

On the minus side, it doesn’t accelerate AES-GCM and the max buffer is 2k (but packets can be chained and process without software intervention)

As far as i could see - it should be supported by mv_cesa module in the latest kernels Its would be great to see some benchmarks to find if its really improves speed or not. Its also possible that some backporting to the openwrt kernel will be required, because i see many recent changes in it

stuff that didn’t go into 4.4?

OpenWRT CC is still using 3.18 :slight_smile:

ah… but i read somwhere turris-os will be based on 4.4