The minipcie slot on with sim slot, does it provide usb 3.0? (5G modem)

As 5G modem requires the M.2 slot provide USB 3.0 interface via the M.2, wondering if the USB 3.0 interface is provided via the minipcie slot. (the minipcie slot that has a sim slot on it).

I know it is minipcie, I will use an adapter to convert from minipcie to M.2.


mPCIe does not contain USB 3.0 port pins: PCI Express - Wikipedia.

You could give a try to the external USB 3.0 port on Omnia with Delock Products 63166 Delock USB 3.0 Converter Type-A male to M.2 Key B with SIM slot or Delock Products 63172 Delock USB 3.0 Converter for M.2 Key B module with SIM slot and enclosure or .

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