Termios disabled in socat package


I needed to use some of termios functionality in socat recently, and I noticed that termios is disabled in the socat package, this change was made here:

I wanted to ask what is the reason for this change? Openwrt seems to have it enabled:

I built and installed socat package with termios enabled and I haven’t noticed any negative effects yet.

is there any update on this?


I have been asking why we disabled termios in socat package, this seems to be a remnant from Turris OS 3.x. In this version, socat was must have there and we disabled support because that termios didn’t build or socas together termios does not compile and this was a really quick&dirty solution.

But don’t worry, we are doing cleanup over time in our Turris OS packages repository. Most of them end up being removed without providing replacement as it is no longer developed, required or it is sent OpenWrt to be part of the upcoming release.

I’ve created an issue on our repository to remove socat as I don’t think there are reasons why we would have it in our repository except one patch, which we have and that can be upstreamed.

Anyway, this is good news! You could sent us pull request on our Gitlab or through our mirrors on Github.