TCP traceroute absent from busybox

According to traceroute(8) - Linux manual page

-T, --tcp
Use TCP SYN for probes

But traceroute -T produces

traceroute: unrecognized option: T
BusyBox v1.25.1 (2018-08-14 17:16:55 CEST) multi-call binary.

Usage: traceroute [-FIlnrv] [-f 1ST_TTL] [-m MAXTTL] [-q PROBES] [-p PORT]
[-t TOS] [-w WAIT_SEC] [-s SRC_IP] [-i IFACE]

Trace the route to HOST

    -F      Set don't fragment bit
    -l      Display TTL value of the returned packet
    -n      Print numeric addresses
    -r      Bypass routing tables, send directly to HOST
    -v      Verbose
    -f N    First number of hops (default 1)
    -m N    Max number of hops
    -q N    Number of probes per hop (default 3)
    -p N    Base UDP port number used in probes
            (default 33434)
    -s IP   Source address
    -i IFACE Source interface
    -t N    Type-of-service in probe packets (default 0)
    -w SEC  Time to wait for a response (default 3)
    -g IP   Loose source route gateway (8 max)

Any alternative to for a TCP traceroute?