TC4400 Cable Modem Experiences?

Hello, a DOCSIS3.0/3.1 cable modem is available on the German market for several weeks now. Although by law a free access to German cable networks must be possible, there have been practically no modem devices so far. With this modem it is possible to connect Turris Omnia to the cable network without NAT router. Is there any practical experience on this?
Here you can find the modem data:

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Suppose that the modem is compatible with your ISP then there should be no issue with connecting the TO router (WAN port) to the modem via RJ-45 and being assigned a DHCP address by the modem (without NAT on the modem).
Seems that only one of the two available modem LAN ports can be utilized for inet connectivity at a time Reddit - Dive into anything

Whether then the TO router provides ipv4 NAT on the LAN or NATless ipv6 is the choice of your network design.

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