System time - update hwclock

A bit of humor :slight_smile: :

Oct 30 20:32:43 turris pppd[6886]: System time change detected.
Oct 30 20:32:48 turris kresd[7271]: Detected backwards time jump, clearing cache.
Oct 30 20:32:48 turris kresd[7271]: But what does that mean? It means your future hasn't been written yet.

Now for real.
Why is there a 1 hour difference between the system date and hwclock?

root@turris:~# hwclock
Tue Nov 10 13:08:31 2020  0.000000 seconds
root@turris:~# date
Tue Nov 10 14:09:04 CET 2020

How will I use the command hwclock -w time will be fine, but until the device is restarted. After restarting, there is a difference of 1 hour again.

It’s normal to have hwclock in UTC and system time as local time on *nix-like systems

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I installed full hwlock and it now shows me the correct hour.