Switch bricked itself after port 1 set to vlan


I have an issue when setting interfaces an switch. I set two vlans :

  • id 1, port 0 untagged and cpu tagged. Off for the remaining port
  • id 2, port 1 untagged and cpu tagged. Off for the remaining port

Then I assigned those vlans to interfaces with eth0.1 and eth0.2. Next, reboot.

After that I can’t get any ip from any interfaces. So I can’t access the router again the I had to rollback to factory reset.

Will not help here but, for the next time, when this happens, remember that the Wifi access to the router may still work (if the problem is just on the Ethernet). I made many mistakes when configuring VLANs and Wifi saved me. Even if you don’t need Wifi, I suggest to always enable it before trying new network configuration.

Sure thx :wink:

Problem fixed since a while. I just forget that thread :frowning:


Then it will be interesting to document here the source of the problem, and the solution…

Yes obviously, but after X reboots that issue just gone by itself. I think, the root cause was some inconsistency and router settings.

Note: I got that issue at the very beginning and I played a lot with the settings.