Support contacts after electric shock

I got a nasty electric shock from my omnia this evening with a big spark inside and the breaker cutting my power.
Is there any support mail adresse I could contact? I don’t wanne plug that one in again.

Of course there is. It is already mention here:

Back to yours question:

In router Omnia is not any high high voltage! Faulty power supply? Check power supply !

The second option is to short circuit to the low voltage - disconnect and check visually (Electrolytic Capacitor power supply too).

Yeah I don’t understand it either but that’s how it is looking now.
It seems to have shorted between my laptop und the router.

Thanks. Will write them an email

For me it looks obscure how this is even possible? it looks like someone took a cable, put one end to the 220V power socket and touched the router with the other end. I have no better ideas.

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