[Suggesion] Include major internet providers configurations in Foris

Hi there

After having some problems trying to configure Omnia for my internet provider (movistar-Spain) I think it will be a very nice feature for novice users to include a pre-configured settings in Foris for major internet providers. Some users already asked the same questions in the forum. All the information for that configurations can be provided from users and it will help during the initial setup.

Other routers, like asus, already include something similar to this and it´s very useful.

Some configurations would need additional packages, which is not installed by default.
For example, some providers have IPTV services, which require IGMP Proxy, some use UDP proxy…some use L2 vlans…

Another good example is, that for igmpproxy to work properly, you would need to know exact upstream networks provider is using, upstream interfaces (in case there are vlan’s involved). VID’s also can vary for the same provider on different regions, etc…

It is not that simple…and by the example of Asus, they do not always work properly for all providers (different upstream VID’s, etc…)

And if provider changes something in their network, configuration profile needs to be updated and usually ISP`s don’t announce such changes, as they provide their own devices, which they can provision on the fly.
In fact, most of corresponding OpenWRT configurations are based on reverse engineering by “Tech Savvy” customers of that ISP.

So maintaining those configuration profiles would be constant headache as well…

Some providers are even gone so far, that they need specific Vendor ID’s (DHCP Option 60 and 61) during DHCP request to make it even harder to use 3rd party devices in their networks.
So by connecting 3rd party device, you would only get Internet, but not additional services (IPTV, VoIP, etc).

In short: Suggestion itself is nice, but implementing and maintaing it, would not be so easy as you may think…