Sudden problem, huge packet loss

Suddenly this morning I am having huge problems and can barely connect to my Omnia to troubleshoot. Both Eth and Wlan connections are suffering huge packet loss and attempting to SSH in usually gives a Connection Refused but sometimes I’m able to get one command to go through. I managed to SCP over /var/log/messages but I’m not sure what to look for or if there’s a ‘safe mode’ I can start in to see what’s wrong. I suspect some kind of hardware failure but I also just updated and rebooted yesterday. Everything was fine up until this morning. Just looking for suggestions on where to start.

I managed to disable wifi and the router is working normally again but without wifi

Edit: as soon as I turned on the 2.4Ghz card in Luci again, I am unable to connect to the router via Eth, and it seems to refuse all connections.

I have a second router hooked up to provide additional APs on another floor so I will use that for now and leave the WiFi off on the Omnia until someone has a suggestion.

OK I think this is resolved and it’s very strange. Posting this update in case it helps someone in the future.

I have a small GL-MT300N-V2 router connected to an Xbox One acting as a WiFi client to give an Eth port to the Xbox as its own Wifi is flaky. I had a hunch and went and unplugged it and then the router started responding again. I think it had some sort of failure and either went rogue inside the network with DNS or DHCP or was flooding the network to the point that everything failed. Or the MT300N or Xbox is hacked somehow. I turned it back on and connected the Xbox again and all seems fine so far, so whatever it was doing, it stopped doing.

Just such an idea, if it continues:
Something similar has been spoken here on the forum. Quite suspicious behavior if you have a loop (WiFi to LAN and LAN to WiFi).

Try enabling the STP function in LuCI on the LAN interface (br-lan):

First, try to eliminate the problem that makes the loops.

Intersting, thanks! I have 2 other routers in various modes both running OpenWRT that are connected to the Omnia. One is connected via LAN to the Omnia and provides Eth to a few devices and extends the WiFi with APs that have the same name. The other is in WiFi Client mode to provide Eth to a few other devices that have poor connections due to location and internal wifi antennas. Would STP need to be enabled on all or them or just the Omnia?

It’s a “stop” per loop, but if you have multiple loops, it’s good to enable STP everywhere.