Stupid Question - No work connection thru LINKSYS SD2008

I received Omnia today, my laptop connected wired lan port directly to the Omnia lan port everything work fine, but if the lan prt connected to a hub then laptop connected to the hub then it doesn’t work. even IP address can not be obtained. any suggestions?

Is this a low-tech hub or a network switch? If it’s a switch, it may be a managed switch with configuration parameters stopping it from working.

Are You aware ot which port the hub is conected to? It wont work if You connect it to the wan port at the router. You might use a wan port on the hub, to connect it to the router thou!

This seems like a problem with the hub (Is it really a hub? Didn’t see that device for ages. Are sure it is not a switch?).

I just check it again, it’s a Switch!!! LINKSYS SD2008.
How to configure to make it work? anyone knows?

Yeah it sounds like it should be working then. Try some different cables maybe and powercycle the whole setup just to be sure.

I’ve read complaints about that particular switch failing after some use.

I found it might related to the cable, but unfortunally the cable I used is already into house wall, so that I can’t easly replace it.