Struggling with smtp setup in "nextcloud"

I just have some fun with “nextcloud” . After some install/remove/reinstalls (using wizard,cli…) in the end, fine, it is running. So i wanted notification using in same way as it is used by “create-notification” or by my “up/” script for openvpn.
After some time , try-fail-retry … and inspecting various scripts and configs i found working setup.


mode = smtp, encrypt=ssl/tls
address=“sender_name value from /etc/config/user_notify” (domain_name value from /etc/config/user_notify)
method_auth=login , force_auth=yes (from /usr/bin/notifier)
username=“output of ‘atsha204cmd serial-number’ command”
password=“output of ‘cat /etc/sentinel/mailpass’ command”


On my side I found this one in /usr/bin/notifier but I get the same value.
The solution didn’t work though. I had a authentication problem.

To make it work I had to update the username:
username = “output of ‘atsha204cmd serial-number’ command”@domain