[string "transaction"] 323 [string "transaction"] 149: Collisions

For a few days, my Turris Omnia emails me every six hours:

##### Error notifications #####
Updater selhal:

[string "transaction"]:323: [string "transaction"]:149: Collisions:

• /sbin/ntpd: busybox (new-file), ntpd (existing-file)

(I removed the colons in the title because the forum pretends they are emojis!)

Any idea?

Removing ntpd as suggested by Pepe does not work: the NTP in busybox is too limited. No authentication, no monitoring possible and it simply does not work (clients cannot synchronize and there is no debugging possible, ntpq cannot be used, and it doesn’t log anything).

Solution can be found here:

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and as well continue the discussion in that thread.