Storage plugin broken after update



after update to 3.11 the storage plugin is broken. on release before this it was working correctly.
due to different issues i loaded latest medkit and enabled nas package.

i am using msata disk en for test also used usb stick in front usb connection.
msata is in slot next to processor.

symptom: storage plugin detects disks and can format them. but after update it does not mount the disk as /srv. also no notification after reboot that data was moved to new disk.

workaround: after looking in to /cgi-bin/luci/admin/system/startup, i saw that srv service was disabled.
i enabled service and rebooted. after this storage plugin works as expected.


Weird, everything works as before for me after updating to 3.11 (I have storage set up on a USB 3 HDD).


maybe in your case the srv service was already enabled from previous install.


Well, I thought the srv service is tied to the storage plugin (i.e. storage doesn’t work without it). So I’d expect that you also had the service enabled.


it was disabled when i looked in luci, and could not get it to work, but after i enabled the srv service, there was no problem anymore. it seems that thje srv service is disabled in the medkit