SSH to LXC Container

Do I need to configure something to get access to my LXC Container over SSH?

hi. You can access your LXC Container over SSH with first connecting to the Turris Omnia,

after you are in the command-line you can enter “lxc-attach -n $yourcontainername”

after that you should be inside the container.

I just got the Turris Omnia so i can’t say much about anything else like the network setup for the containers etc.

You should be able to directly connect to the lxc’s sshd if you use a different sshd port then the host (!22). Make sure the sshd demon inside the lxc listens on all interfaces.
Using such a setup I am able to connect to plex running inside an lxc using the lxc’s IP address.

Oh yes, I found and read the documentation:

For the moment that okay for me :slight_smile:

From within the local network it’s not really necessary - as long as the containers have routable IP address which they should have. And if you want to access it from WAN than you can configure just port mapping on the router - e.g. redirect port 8022 to port 22 in the LXC container.