SSH password Change now luci password does not work, foris 500 internal service error

I was getting. "Unknown error password not changed " when trying to change password via luci

Changed password via SSH with passwd

Now cant log into luci with newly created password via SSH but it works via SSH.

Now I am locked out of luci, what can I do ?

Also trying to choose foris instead of luci gives 500 internal service error

Im down to only SSH login working.

/var/log/messages reads when trying to enter newly created and working SSH password via luci …

Odhcp 5363 failed to send dhcp message to ff:1:: (permission denied)
/usr /sbin/cron 7827 (root) CMD /usr /bin/
/usr /sbin/cron 7827 (root) CMD /usr /bin/ notifier

Seems to me like threads, which you created in the past. For example: