Ssh honeypot sessions not visible at

for those who have data collection enabled, you’re supposed to be able to view the details of any of the ssh honeypot sessions at This used to work for me but stopped working sometime in the last few weeks. I don’t think it’s a problem with the data collection as there is other current data for my router there. I figured this out beause I ssh’ed to the honeypot from an external network and my own session never appeared at Anyone have an idea what’s up?

I can see recent ssh honeypot sessions for both my routers, so it is probably some issue with the particular router.

I think, there is some filter and ssh honeypot ignores some kind of sessions (if I remember it correctly) - for example sessions without any commands and maybe some other, but I don’t know the details.

But if you were able to log in (and maybe try to run some commands - without meaningful response), than the proxy part of honeypot on your router seems to work correctly… So I don’t know… maybe there were no attacks on you recently :slight_smile:

Completely incomprehensible query without any kontrétních details of the problem.

It is possible that a few days there is no attack