SSH honeypot - no data

There are no data on SSH honeypot in “Data from your router” part of “Project Turris” site from 2017-11-30 (prior to this day there were some). I did no change in configuration of my Omnia quite long time, data collection is enabled with all possible services, SSH honeypot is enabled in updater package lists. Am I missing anything?

uCollect is ready ?

Data being sent is OK ?

One or more days without attack is not a problem

29. 11. 2017 22:25	Spojené státy americké1	27	Zobrazit detail
30. 11. 2017 10:07	Japonsko	1	Zobrazit detail
30. 11. 2017 11:39	Francie	1	Zobrazit detail
30. 11. 2017 22:47	                1      Zobrazit detail
1. 12. 2017 03:17	Polsko185.25.148.142	18	Zobrazit detail
1. 12. 2017 03:28	Polsko	18	Zobrazit detail
5. 12. 2017 12:08	Dánsko	15	Zobrazit detail

I don’t know much details about SSH statistics. I heard some pieces, but what I can tell you that in Turris OS 3.9’s SSH Honeypot is migrating to HaaS. Turris OS 3.9 is currently in the RC branch.
So you can test it if you want. If not, please wait. We’d like to release in next week (but it’s not a promise. As you know something unexpected can happened …) and if the data won’t show after a week from 3.9 release then please reply to this thread or you can contact us on email -
And we’ll look into it!

I checked my data from December and I had only two attackers to honeypot (one from 2nd and the other one from 4th December)

Yes, uCollect is ready:

Device Turris Omnia - RTROM01
Serial number 47244703385
Turris OS version 3.8.6
Kernel version 4.4.91-e8cacce0ae0bf48eea19d58c2e860359-1
Sending of uCollect data Online (status updated 72 seconds ago)
Sending of firewall logs Online (status updated 557 seconds ago)

Yes, data being sent is OK.

Usually I’m getting at least some entries in “Logged sessions” chart a day, thus week without any entry made me wonder. OK, I’ll wait and see. Maybe it was false alarm only.