SSD acquired, need help configuring

Hello my fellow turris users.

Soon my 1 terabyte Kingston KC600 will arrive and I will try to install in into my omnia.

For installation I am planning to follow this YT guide; Turris Omnia: How to connect an mSATA disk - YouTube

Q1: Is it still necessary to edit /etc/config/wireless? What do I need to do there?

I am planning to use the extra storage for;

  1. NAS/SMB
  2. Timemachine backups
  3. Nextcloud

Q2; Any tips and tricks for installing this (Is running timemachine backups even possible?)

If you have any tips, it is greatly appreciated!

I just recently installed SSD as well.
So first of all you need to move the rightmost wifi adapter to the leftmost. And install the SSD to the rightmost pci.
And to achieve this you need to get out the motherboard completely, because those small nuts which have to be moved up/down are screwed from the other side of the board.