/srv/www directory deleted after reboot

Hello fellow community members and developers,

I rebooted my router yesterday, and after coming up, the /srv/www directory had vanished. I had NextCloud setup with some data there, and it’s all gone.

I do not know yet whether it’s the system’s fault, or whether it’s NextCloud that didn’t go down or come up properly. But clearly, something’s broken here, and advertising the NC functionality for the router, and even making it easy to setup, works against the router right now. This incident just makes NC on the Turris Omnia a non-starter - so I recommend removing the quicksetup - via the package installer and the storage UIs hidden till this is well understood and mitigated.

Edit to add that reboots are a common operation - esp. because updates are pushed automated, and can reboot the router at any time. It shouldn’t matter for the rest of the system what the time or duration of a reboot is; and data consistency needs to be guaranteed for such surprise reboot scenarios. It’s the primary purpose of the Turris Omnia router - to be the most secure - and not compromising on that ideal is important.

I’ve put down some thoughts and suggestions on hardening existing NC installations for users in NextCloud data consistency issues and suggested workarounds.

This was a false alarm! Due to my non-standard external drive setup - Manually moving /srv to an existing drive - setting storage.srv.uuid and storage.srv.old_uuid causes the new uuid to be mounted at /srv; which resulted in a double-mount in my case. That was weird. Just using one mount method worked, and I’ll now have to go tweak my scripts and instructions on getting this right.

The other post about hardening the nextcloud install in NextCloud data consistency issues and suggested workarounds stands, though, and I’ll leave that open.

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