/srv and NAS on mSATA


Hi, I want to use /srv and a NAS on a mSATA-SSD.
I have mounted like this:

/dev/sda is mounted to /mnt/sda and to /srv, is this OK ?



Basically, it does not matter, but I find it pointless to have two points.


Yes its almost correct besides double mounting but it won’t disallow it to work.
You could mount it only on /srv without automount or mounting in /mnt/sda.

But could you check your syslog if you dont get similar message to me cuz I am using similar setup.

I don’t know if you are using netdata or not?.


That’s related to Netdata. You could use search, but somebody already replied to you there. I will disable it globally in future as it is harmless.


Thank you, but it does not belong to this thread, the query from the author was different.


In the first time I mount the mSATA to /mnt/sda because I though it is necessary for the NAS (Samba).
I mount it now only on /srv and make a storage directory for the NAS.