Source MAC address filter in firewall port forwarding issue

Hi, on firewall i have forwarded RDP port to server in local network, which works OK, i can access via remote desktop my server. Anyway, i wanted to limit access only to clients with specific MAC address. Unfortunately, if i set source MAC address in port forwarding rule, it does not work, cannot reach the server.

If i remove MAC address filter and connect to remote desktop, in kernel log i can see access to RDP port from

MAC=d8:58:d7:00:6a:e4:00:01:5c:93:02:46:08:00 , which look like some NIC.CZ mac address or? Definitely its not my MAC address of my network card.

What to check?



you want to restrict by MAC from WAN (internet)? AFAIK it’s not possible as the MAC addresses are not used in routed (not local) IP packets.

Hmm thats bad news for me.