Some webpages not loading on Android phones

Hello everyone,

I got this really weird issue. We (me and my partner) have two Motorola Phones which we are using. The problem is that some web pages are not loading on these phones when we are on local wifi. Here is our setup:

Turris 1.1 (up to date)
Zyxel vmg1312-b30b - VDSL2 modem in bridge mode
Mikrotik Cap AC
ISP: T-Mobile CZ (VDSL 100Mbit)
Phones: Motorola Moto G6 Plus and Motorola Moto G7 Power. Both with Android 9

Webpages that doesn’t work are typical from abroad (not CZECH websites). For instance, Some things that I tried:

  • No other device on the network has this issue.

  • Whenever I switch to mobile data or connect to different network (at my brother’s house) - everything works.

  • Factory reset of both Zyxel modem and Turris router doesn’t help.

I really don’t know where to start to troubleshoot this problem. Help will be much appreciated.

Maybe change DNS to or; forwarding on/off…?

Well, they can try the DNS resolution of the problematic domains manually, using various DNS servers (Turris has dig command, Windows have nslookup IIRC)… but if the “normal” hosts in the network do work and DNS is culprit (which we don’t know yet), it seems more likely that the phone outliers already use non-Turris DNS.

DNS is configured to

Forwarding is off:

If forwarding is off it does not send (ie. forward) the DNS queries to the configured DNS servers. It resolves the queries in itself (makes queries to authoritative DNS servers). Try to enable forwarding and if the problem persists try to set your ISP’s DNS servers.

Switch forwarding on didn’t helped.

Also, it really acts wiered. It is like I will get to the homepage of, I am able to open maybe one more page, but than in stops. Refreshing page don’t work, accessing any other page on the domain don’t work, it is compleatly dead.