Some questions from potential buyer

Hi all, I’m looking to buy a new router, this one looks interesting. I have some questions about the functionality. Does the Omnia support the following features:

  • Set up a DNS server that can block domains (for example, ad serving domains)
  • Set up a VPN server so that I can connect to the internet via the Omnia from anywhere in the world, using my own DNS (so basically, ad-free internet everywhere)
  • Set up a guest WiFi network with throttled speeds
  • Set up seperate DMZ’s on multiple ports
  • Set up some ports to connect to the internet directly, and some ports to only connect through an external VPN service
  • Use as a torrent box (using an external HDD)
  • Use as a file server so I can reach torrented files from anywhere in the world

And last of all, for setting up all this functionality, would the 1GB model be sufficient? Or is 2GB recommended?

I have 1GiB. Lots fits into such size, if one doesn’t need to run a browser with modern web. (The fact that Omnia is 32-bit also helps a little.) IMHO 2 GiB is only really utilized if you want some heavy stuff in containers, or perhaps if you want the extra disk cache :slight_smile: ATM my memory usage (without cache) is around 100 MiB.

  1. Yes, a screenshot from the simple interface (Foris):

As for 4 and 5 it should be possible but you would need to dig deeper into the OpenWRT entrails of the router.

Thanks for the answers guys! One more question: I see that the Omnia has its own fork of OpenWrt. Is it possible to install regular OpenWrt on the Omnia? In case Turris ever stops support, it would be nice if I could still update the OS.

Not yet and currently not a priority of the official team; see Integrating Hardware support into LEDE/OpenWrt by the community

1G would work, but naturally a 2G unit would be better, depending on how many torrents you plan on running at once, how many VPN clients, etc.

It is also important consider one thing - stability. Currently nearly after every bigger upgrade are problems with stability, so its recommended fopr users which are able to solvbe problems. For production use its unfortunatelly not stable enough.

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That’s highly configuration-dependent. I run two VPNs, SQM and adblock, and a tweaked firewall configuration (I have 2 Omnias in different locations that are connected together via VPN). So far I haven’t experienced disruption with upgrades.

I have standard configuration with no tweaks, few months ago I was hit by those problems with 5GHz wifi card, now after upgrade to 3.8 router is rebooting often/randomly and 5GHz wifi is not available till next reboot.