[SOLVED] - USB-wifi dongle


In my head i have figured it out, but i just want to confirm if indeed it does work.

  1. Openwrt at the moment being on Linux kernel 3.18.20, which means that it SHOULD see USB-wifi dongles attached (the ones who work out of the box) to it right???

  2. My situation is going to be

(My Network)-----clients WLAN&LAN connected to -----(Turris Omnia)----USB-wifi-dongle connected to----(Internet Router using EAP-methode)

Normally you would use WDS (Wireless Distribution System), but in my situation not possible.

So the USB-Wifi-dongle would be the WAN-connection and the internal mini-pci express card would function as normal wifi-router connection. Using client-mode would this be possible? Also, is this the only solution or is it also possible WITHOUT using any USB-wifi-dongle? I do however want to have 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, which are 2 mini-pci express cards internally in the Turris Omnia what i have come to understand.


The wifi depends on drivers. Those can be installed through opkg.

I’ve managed to figure this all out. The functionality what i want is called “Multi-wan”. I did not really understand in the beginning, but after searching a lot on the web i now get it.

Thanks for your reply @neheb about the drivers part.

I’m not sure Multi-WAN is what you need. Multi-WAN is used if you want to use multiple uplink connections/technologies on the same device. In your scenario I only see one (WLAN) being used on the Turris.

I forgot to mention that situation has little bit changed.

It will be two different internet connections with different WAN ip addresses. So the solution to that is Mutli-WAN.

Thanks for bringing it up so i could clarify the situation change for new readers.