[SOLVED] Redirect all subdomains of a hostname to the same host

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to redirect all subdomains of a hostname, to the same host, so that it can be reverse proxied. I followed steps from domain name system - OpenWRT - How to redirect all subdomains of a hostname, to the same host, so that it can be reverse proxied? - Server Fault and set new value to Address line: /fakedomain.cz/
Unfortunately when I try to ping the hostname I’m getting a public IP, not the private one within LAN.

If I’m not mistaken, the Dnsmasq was replaced with knot-resolver some time ago. Has this feature been retained please?

I’ll be happy for any advice.

luci’s " DHCP and DNS" page isn’t supported to configure DNS on Turris. It’s not so comfortable, but I’d suggest to:

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Thanks @vcunat , it seems to be rather a hacky way, but hopefully will work for me. Anyway, does such change survive a kresd update or major TurrisOS upgrade please? And do you plan to implement the features from OpenWRT (DHCP and DNS tab) to reForis?

This change will keep working with kresd 5.x. With 6.x there will be better ways.

No, noone wants to implement and maintain that luci tab. They tailor it just for dnsmasq. It’s not meant to be “universal”. OpenWRT seems to refuse supporting multiple resolvers overall, as I understand it. Adding more features to the DNS parts of reForis seems way more likely than this. (Note that I’m not on the Turris team, though.)

Alright, thank you for further explanation.

Even though I’m rather disappointed as I bought a wifi router for 9k CZK and it’s not enhanced OpenWRT, but some features are even broken :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I do consider it enhanced in comparison to plain OpenWrt, but yes – there are some down-sides.

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