[Solved] Pkgupdate not working (probably after update 3.10.1)

Hello all,
after update to 3.10.1 I cannot run pkgupdate. I have this error message:

root@turris:~# pkgupdate
WARN:Couldn’t read the status file: [string “backend”]:1172: [string “backend”]:1163: Failed to lock the lock file //var/lock/opkg.lock: Resource temporarily unavailable
WARN:Requested package luci-i18n-ddns-en that is missing, ignoring as requested.
line not found
line not found
line not found
[string “backend”]:1172: [string “backend”]:1163: Failed to lock the lock file //var/lock/opkg.lock: Resource temporarily unavailable

in LUCI is the same:

Collected errors:

  • opkg_conf_load: Could not lock /var/lock/opkg.lock: Resource temporarily unavailable.

Restart does not help, some services are not working (NAS, OpenVPN server, Sending of uCollect data, Sending of firewall logs, Cloud backup), access to internet (router + switch) is working

Any idea?


Jan K.

It means that update is in progress, it should resolve itself after a while. Reboot doesn’t help as with reboot you interrupt the update and once your router boots up, it starts updating again.

I thought the same but restart was 40 hours ago (yesterday).

Jan K.

Stop & disable the ddns service, reboot, let the updater finish, then re-enable and restart the ddns service.

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Thanks @bdeblier, I just stopped ddns service, killed pkgupdate and run it manually. It finished successfully, after reboot everything is running correctly.

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Had the same problem, solution worked here too. Thanks @bdeblier

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