[SOLVED] Guest network is 30 times slower than other network

And now create (or join existing) guest bridge (should be VLAN Interface: “eth0.400” and other guest interfaces created by foris).

Edit: I’m not sure now if both port5 and 6 can be as untagged in one vlan. Better to check with port6 off for vlan 1

Unfortunately, your described configuration also left me locked out of foris/luci (tried all ports 0…4) and I needed to do a factory reset again. I’m back online since two minutes.

I’m giving up for today. Need to go to bed because school starts tomorrow and it could get stressful.

It’s simple. Factory reset, create guest via foris, config vlans and put guest vlan to bridge with guest from foris.

Whow. This time it just works. I don’t understand why it did not yesterday, as I can not find any difference in the config. But most important thing is: it works.
Thank you very much for your patience.

And I’ve immediately downloaded a backup of the config :slight_smile:

Edit: Next thing I will do is get familiar with snapshots.

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Glad to hear :wink:
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