[SOLVED]Cant connect to router

So it seems I am the first one?

Since yesterday (router was powered down during night) the router stopped working, somewhat. The configuration stayed, wireless networks were still active BUT the router somehow lost it’s IP address.

So far I did couple of resets, one factory reset and even re-flash with no change - still the router has no IP. luci/putty connections do not work.

Do I need to send it back for repair or am I missing something which could help me?

Try to remember what were your last changes to the Omnia.

What do LEDs look like?

According to your screenshot, the router obviously somehow work, since it assigns you an ULA network prefix (the one starting fd0d:).
Try to ping router on address fd0d:1f6e:f887::1 (please note that the prefix will change with every factory reset)
If it succeeds access the web interface via: http://[fd0d:1f6e:f887::1]/

You can also try to reflash it again.

Thanks for help.

So now using the different router address I can access the interface. How can I now manually set the IP?

I have set it using the config wizard but that didn’t work.

I remeber quite clearly, I have removed the dnsmasq and installed dnsmasq-full. (i was experiencing very slow DNS name resolving so I have tried what was suggested in other topic here on forums). Could this really be a problem? Even after factory reset it does not work …

Since dnsmasq is the DHCP server, yes, this could be the cause. A factory reset, however, will certainly fix it. Are you sure you’ve done it properly (ie. wait for three LEDs to shine)?

Yes, all 3 and even all 4 with medkit on flash drived plugged in to USB slot.

I can tell it was reset because all my settings are gone and at first login the config wizard was started.

Isn’t it a problem with your client? Can you try to disable/enable the NIC or use some other device? This is really strange.


At first. Your Omnia didn’t died. Your topic is misleading. It suggests whole device failure, not just connection.

If you see wizard, then you must have ip address on your local network, so DHCP server on omnia runs. So you have problem with internet connection? If one device don’t have ip address, but other has, then problem is probably in that device not in Omnia.

I have changed the topic name.

I was unaware that dnsmasq holds DHCP configuration. Reinstalling dnsmasq was the error which led up until this point.

Thanks to Ondrej_Caletka for help, problem resolved.