[SOLVED] Cannot reset turris ip address (factory reset doesn't reset it)

Hello !
Here is what happened to me.
First I connected the Turris WAN port on a router. He apparently couldn’t manage it.
So I changed it’s ip address to For some reason, it decided to fix it to
And now I cannot have access to my Turris, as is a broadcast address, and reset level 1, 2, 3, 4 don’t reset it…

It is a way to fix it?
Thanks for any idea !!
[sorry for the category, is it SW or HW problem?..]

Factory reset should definitely reset the LAN IP to The problem is you probably have to skip the WAN setup and change the LAN address before. Otherwise the Omnia would not be able to reach it’s WAN

Good point, I didn’t thought about it, but I actually tried the reset and reboot with WAN unplugged.

So no chance yet, I’m still receiving a 10.0.0.x address (DHCP working), and responds to ping.

I’ll try another reset level 3…

Well, I have to confirm it, the factory reset didn’t reset the Turris IP addres, it’s stuck to…

I’m sure I did a level 3 (LEDs 0, 1, 2 where on). If I have one more LED on, it’s waiting for the image with all LEDs red.

Any idea?..

For factory reset you should lit three LEDs total, that means power LED, LED 0 and LED 1. No more.

This worked, thank you !!!

This needs to be in the manual. Power LED is part of the LEDs to count. I wasn’t sure until I found this thread.