[Solved] Cannot login using Google


Hi guys,

recent change of the Discourse URL made it impossible to use Google login, due to URL mismatch.


Hi Ondrěj,

this problem should be fixed already, thanks for the report.

[Solved] mojeID thinks that this site is other than it really is

Hello, the similar problem is during login by MojeID. The message is: “Tento požadavek na přihlášení přes mojeID o sobě tvrdí, že přichází z jiné stránky, než tomu ve skutečnosti je. Zvažte, zda vůbec chcete pokračovat s předáváním údajů ze svého mojeID.” Could you solve it, please?


Should be solved now :slight_smile:


Thanks. It looks to be perfect! :slight_smile:


Looks like Google login is broken again. All I get after authenticating to Google is:

Sorry, there was an error authorizing your account. Perhaps you did not approve authorization?


Thank you for reporting. I can confirm it also on my side. We’ll look at it.


Pertinent? https://security.googleblog.com/2018/10/announcing-some-security-treats-to.html

When your username and password are entered on Google’s sign-in page, we’ll run a risk assessment and only allow the sign-in if nothing looks suspicious. We’re always working to improve this analysis, and we’ll now require that JavaScript is enabled on the Google sign-in page, without which we can’t run this assessment.


@n8v8r Maybe, thanks for feedback.

I am not sure where the problem could be at this time (but certainly a different issue than before).

There are some pending Discourse updates (which I can not apply at the moment). Maybe the google API has changed so this minor update could help. I will upgrade the forum in the evening.


It works for me from now


Works now, thank you!