[sold] Turris Omnia 2GB - Compex WLE1216V2 & V5 - SSD 120GB - Wall Mount

I’m changing my network setup. Here I’m selling my Turris Omnia. The original WiFi has been replaced by Compex WLE1216V2 and Compex WLE1216V5 to a maximum of performance. In 5GHz 160MHz is working perfectly fine.

Technical details:
Turris Omnia 2GB blue
Compex WLE1216V2-20
Compex WLE1216V5-20
Kingston 120GB SSD
Wall Mount blue

Location: Germany
Price: 350€

German shipping is free.

International shipping is possible. I will individually check for best shipping option. Please ask

Hallo Chris, ich habe Interesse - kannst Du mir die Infos an thomas@tribius.de senden.

Gruss, Thomas

Very interesting and honorable upgrade.

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@Tom Ich habe dir eine Mail geschickt.

What are those 2 ufl to 1 SMA adapters called? I can’t find them.

It‘s called diplexer.

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A short google search reveals nothing.

May I ask what setup you’ll change to? What were your reasons to change? Sorry, just curious.

@neheb: you can ask the Turris support team. They can help you to get some.

@keiler3k: I‘m building a house with an open room concept and I need to have a WiFi setup for 3 floors and two apartments. As I don’t have a central point where I can place one or more Turris Omnia‘s, I’m going to setup my WiFi with Multiple Unifi AP AC HD which I can mount at ceiling.

The Turris Omnia was always running stable but unfortunately it doesn’t fit for my use case anymore.