[SOLD] Turris Omnia 1GB, MikroTik Wireless cards, 5 dualband antennas

As the topic name states, Turris Omnia 1GB version, originally with No-WiFi option but I bought separately more powerfull wireless cards from MikroTik, MMCX-RP-SMA pigtails, 5 dual band antennas (no signal mixers needed). .

  • 5 dual band antennas
  • 2 powerfull WiFi cards (MikroTik R11E-5HACT and MikroTik R11E-2HPND)
  • One miniPCI-e slot is free.
  • Router obviously is under CZ.NIC warranty (33 months to expire)
  • WiFi cards also under warranty (in Poland, 21 months to expire)
  • 40W Omnia power supply
  • Turris team photo included

Price (shipping costs excluded): 210 GBP or 250 EUR or 260 USD or 1100 PLN
Shipping: DPD/DHL/Fed-Ex or similar service
Payment options: Bank transfer in one of the above currencies.