[Sold] Selling Turris Omnia 2GB

I’m selling my Turris Omnia 2GB version.
Router was purchased in June 2018 and used up to 10 hours just for the testing.
Router is like new, in great condition, full original packaging.
I have no proof of purchase, but I give the guarantee for half a year.

Located in Czech Republic, Pilsen. Alternatively, I can send it outside the Czech Republic.

I’m asking 200€ plus shipping.

Prodám Turris Omnia 2GB verzi.
Koupeno v červnu 2018, použito max 10 hodin pouze pro testování.
Router je jako nový, v super stavu, kompletní balení.

Nemám doklad o koupi, ale dávám záruku půl roku.

Prodám za 5000 Kč.

Hi @tweak

I’m interested in this for a research project. I’m in Estonia so shipping should be cheap. I can offer EUR 160 + shipping at the moment.

Question: Wouldn’t you have received an electronic invoice upon ordering the item?
Question 2: - As I understand, there are multiple versions of the router. Is this the latest one?


Hi Jake,
your offer is not interesting. Offer me more money.
This version of the router is the latest in the highest configuration (2GB RAM).

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Hi Martin,

I understand. Your counter offer is not interesting to me and lack of response to my first question does not move me to increase my offer either. Thanks.

Best regards,

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I believe there weren’t any significant differences between Omnia batches. The only one I can recall are missing GPIO pins in newer ones, due to some parts missing on the market at that moment. (Just uncertain unofficial info from me about this.)

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Díky za nabídky, prodáno.
Thanks for offer, sold.