SOLD! Selling Turris Omnia 2GB wifi black with wallmount


Selling my Turris Omnia 2GB wifi with wallmount. Black chassie complete with antennas and powersupply.
Received from kickastarter. Due to lack of time it will need a better home :slight_smile:
Located in Sweden
Selling for 180 Euro + shipping


is there a chance you are sometimes visiting Copenhagen?
I would be interested to buy the Turris from you.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Regards, Lukas.


Hi there!
No trips to Copenhagen planed in the near future. Checked with Postnord about postage. Is about 26Euro for small package up to 2KG which should be fine.



Hej Magnus.

I might be interested in case it’s available.
I sådant fall med frakt inom Sverige.


Ja den finns kvar. Jag befinner mig i Stockholm ifall du befinner dig i närheten.
Annars tar vi billigaste frakten inom Sverige. Skall lägga den på vågen hemma och se vad den väger


Hi Magnus,
is there any warranty for the device you are selling?
If yes, I would go for it for 200E including shipping.



Sorry no warranty


thanks for your replies Magnus and good luck selling.

I will try to look further.

Regards, Lukas.