Softether as package

Has somebody installed Softether on Turris Omnia and can provide this as a standard package?

I can compile it for you but updater will uninstall it.
I recommend installing it on a LXC container (debian,ubuntu…)

isn’t rc.local a “bypass” for now for this? Although i also agree with you on LXC-solution.

If you have an *.ipk file and after the updater has ran and updated to a new version. After the reboot the command

opkg install /directory/directory/<name>.ipk

Would install the Softether-package again right? You could also copy the config file if that one is also being deleted.

cp /directory/directory/(config-file) /directory/directory/destination-directory

Although the LXC-solution brings way less problems.


I compiled it for you from Its pitty that softether isnt included on openwrt packages though. I didnt tested itself, but I think it should work just fine.

I believe you can disable updater, until Devs dont update it to newer version, which doesnt uninstall local packages.

@Jirka, I was just looking for a file and i stumbled upon “/etc/updater/auto.lua”. When i looked i to that file i saw that the packages that i have installed are in there.

They were lined as

install ''
install ‘’

Or is the difference between “local”-packages and packages grabbed from the repository of for example openWRT?

I didnt use Omnia in production so far, I think its more related to updater, than softether package itself? If yes, better ask in some updater thread :slight_smile:

I am using Openwrt and there is just opkg, and it doesnt matter if you installing from repository, or copied package. The thing about official packages is, you dont need to search makefile, github, anything, you can just use opkg out of box, as OpenWRT packages are periodically compiled by OpenWRT team I think.

The difference is if the updater knows where to get the package (comes from a configured repository) or not. The newer version of updater is able to accept a package without a repository.

If you don’t want to wait, we made a release candidate just yesterday and it is possible to get the update sooner than most people that way (with the obvious risk of more bugs). You can put this into /etc/config/updater:

config override 'override'
    option branch 'rc'

and then run (to do the update right away instead of waiting for it to wake up in few hours). Some more detailed info about this is going to appear soon.

After you do the update, opkg install package.ipk should do the right thing (it copies the ipk file somewhere and records it into the auto.lua under the hood).


I get the following error with this package:Collected errors:

  • deb_extract: softethervpn_4.21-9613_mvebu.ipk: invalid magic
  • pkg_init_from_file: Failed to extract control file from softethervpn_4.21-9613_mvebu.ipk.

Can someone help?