Snapshot (schnapps) from TOS 5.x to 3.x


I have updated my Turris Onmia to TOS 5.1.4 and Internet stopped working as it seems that my SFP is not supported in the new version.

I was wondering if it is possible and safe to rollback snapshot of TOS 3.x when I already updated to 5.x

Thank you!

Yes, it is. Just make sure you have a snapshot of your current TOS 5 in case you want/need to return to it.

Thank you for the reply.

I tried and I got weird bugs in LuCI like constant logging off, missing LXC containers and stuff like that.

I have internal SSD but that one is only for storage so not sure what caused it. I had to roll forward back to 5.x anyway.

I restarted the router after each snapshot rollback.

Reason why I wanted to reverse back to TOS 3.x was that on TOS 5.x SFP does not work with VLANs properly so I was without the Internet and had to start using ISP’s router.

Hi, going from 3.x to 4.x and then 5.x, I too saw my SFP module not working anymore. Since 5.x is the future and is packed with improvements, I strongly recommend the upgrade. If the problem is only that of the SFP module you can consider buying a transceiver, which you can find on Amazon for a few tens of euros. You don’t lose bandwidth and you can connect any modem or router you want with an ethernet cable. The footprint is also minimal. For future versions of Turris, the SFP patches present in Turris OS 3.x will be backported, so our modules should work again. Let’s cross our fingers and enjoy the new Turris OS.


Thank you very much for the reply @lucenera. I was considering that as well. It is not expensive and still elegant enough solution for me.

One thing I was wondering about is, if the Turris Omnia is not affected the same way on the copper WAN as it is on SFP WAN port.

Is this the issue limited only to the SFP port? Will be the VLAN setting working on copper correctly?

Thank you!

In reality Omnia is not affected by any limit on the SFP port as much as on the WAN one. But I remind you that the system that manages the VLAN for Marvell Ethernet switches has changed. The subsystem is called DSA (Distributed Switch Architecture) and here you can find more info about it
Since Turris OS from branch 4.x has been rewritten as a patch-set of OpenWrt and that the latter uses 100% linux kernel, Turris OS also uses 100% linux kernel and therefore the now standard DSA.
A separate section with configuration examples has been added to the official Turris documentation
In reality, everything is much simpler.
Try using the new configuration to check if your SFP module works, maybe it just depends on a wrong configuration.
And if the SFP module doesn’t work the same, don’t worry: use the new configuration and a transceiver, as already mentioned.

Thank you again for the swift reply @lucenera,

I am not the biggest Linux expert but I spent some time on this one.

I followed several forum posts and basically I am stugling with situation as described here:
Supported SFP modules

I was using TOS 3.x before and all was working well. After the switch to TOS 5.x was expecting only to change the interface from eth1.10 to eth2.10 but that did not help. I was still getting sfp sfp: no PHY detected.

Anyway I will try it with the transceiver.

Thank you!