Snapshot cannot be deleted because it does not exist

Turris OS 5.2.0 just installed on Omnia Turris.

% schnapps list | head -3
    # | Type      | Size        | Date                        | Description
  151 | pre       |             | 2021-01-14 10:38:34 +0100   | Automatic pre-update snapshot (TurrisOS 5.1.4)

Other snapshots have a size shown in the table.


% schnapps delete 151
WARNING: Snapshot number 151 does not exists!

I noticed this cause trying to delete the snapshot via reForis got me a spinning wheel that would not stop spinning even after minutes.

The command btrfs subvol list / indeed does not show a snapshot with number 151.

How do I delete the reference to that non existing or partially existing snapshot?

Thank you JardaB. I was able to mount the / sub volume – this did not come to my mind although I do it like this on my Linux based laptops as well. It seems that a reboot fixed the issue though. There was no info file for snapshot 151 and the snapshot is not listed anymore by schnapps or reForis.

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