Smartd.conf should contain more sane defaults

Installation of smartd results in the following contents of /etc/smartd.conf

/dev/hdb -H

I think it would be to a much greater benefit to the users if the defaults would be

 # uncomment the line below to test email notifications, do *NOT* forget to comment after that
 # DEVICESCAN -a -m root -M test

# scan for all devices, run short test daily at 10am, long test at 3am every Saturday
DEVICESCAN -a -s (S/../.././10|L/../../6/03) -m root

For emails to actually work one more script needs to be added to the package.

# cat /etc/
# Send email
echo -e "Subject: ${SMARTD_FAILTYPE}\n\n${SMARTD_MESSAGE}" | msmtp "$SMARTD_ADDRESS"

Without the script the smartd would generate an error:

Executing test of <mail> to root ...
Test of <mail> to root produced unexpected output (38 bytes) to STDOUT/STDERR: 
sh: /etc/ not found
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